One-to-one support

Attend an online course if you possibly can, because it’s the best way forward for most people. If you’re not able to do that (or in addition) I can offer you private consultations.

It’s very helpful for us to be able to see each other when we speak. I can connect with you through a video call, and will send an email with the link just before we speak.

£70 GBP per hour, in advance. Send an email with times that work for you, and please include your time zone if you’re not in the UK. Office hours are best (UK/London time) and I prefer to begin a call up to 7pm. Some weekends are possible too.

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I’m often asked how many calls will be needed, and although I’d love to have an answer for you, it’s impossible for me to say because people are in such very different places with this work. Some just read one of my books and do fine, while for others it takes a while to grasp. As you know yourself far better than I do, it’s for you to decide how much support you need from me. I recommend that you pay for the calls as you go, and take it as slowly or quickly as suits you.

Many people just do a one-off call every now and then, and that’s fine with me.

I don’t have a predetermined agenda for one-to-one work as I prefer to respond to you as an individual and to discuss what you want to achieve and what is standing in your way.

You’ll find a payment button above. Please make sure I’ve got your name and contact details, and two or three suggestions of when we can speak. I find it works best to confirm the time of our call by email.