"Gillian Riley is an author who always makes sense." NIGELLA LAWSON

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My short, easy-read version will give you a good overview of the entire process. It’s the best (but not essential) to read before attending the online course.
Formerly titled “Beating Overeating”, it was last revised in 2013.

“I am eating healthier food and less of it. What I like most is the idea of never going on a diet again.”

“I am a psychologist in practice for 30 years and this is the most cogent and wise approach I’ve encountered to date.”  Dr APRIL MARTIN 

“A small, concise book that is easy to read in an evening and neatly summarises a new approach to an old problem.” 

This is the most complete version of my materials in a book. If you plan to study this approach by yourself, this would be the book to get. 

I began writing the first edition in 1998, it was published by Random House UK in 1999 and a revised second edition was published in 2005.

“Gillian Riley’s approach is clear, simple and powerful in its effect on people’s lives. Her work is excellent. Simply the best.”  LESLIE KENTON, AUTHOR and HEALTH JOURNALIST

“Immensely interesting and helpful. Empowers those who previously have felt themselves to be the victims of dieting and dietary advice.”  Dr DOROTHY ROWE, PSYCHOLOGIST and WRITER

“Riley is an excellent debunker of the myths that have grown up around food.”  TIME OUT

This is the US edition of EATING LESS. For copyright reasons it can only be sold in the United States, and is available on the US Amazon site. It was fully revised and updated in 2015. 

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“Gillian’s technique is intelligent and well thought through.”  THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

“I was stunned at Gillian’s theory – it was as if she had copied how I thought and felt about food onto the page. It took me almost a year to drop to a (UK) size 10 but I’m finding it easy to stay that size.”  ZEST MAGAZINE

“If you’re caught up in a cycle of binging and dieting, and are totally fed up with this ‘now it works, now it doesn’t’ merry-go-round, there is a sustainable way forward.”   FOOD MAGAZINE

Here is a downloadable one-hour audio file (mp3) where Gillian talks you through the theory and techniques of EATING LESS.
        This is not a stand-alone product, so it would be good to read one of the books as well or attend the online course. 

£12 (GBP) This is not an app, so needs to be downloaded to a Mac or PC


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