“I’ve felt a huge release from the addictive fictions that I had established that meant I had to eat in case there was no food later, or I had to please the chef, or I might never get another chance to eat a donut like this one, or it is polite to eat everything, or that being hungry (whatever that was) was a dangerous place to be and had to be satiated at the first sign. I have stopped feeling greedy and ashamed as I can say no without feeling deprived, in fact quite the contrary, I feel quite proud not to be putting something unhealthy into my system. The benefit has also been losing approximately 11 pounds without any big effort, simply by prioritising better foods and timing my meals or snacks. The benefit is also feeling in control and not being controlled by my desire for food but playing a greater part in consciously controlling the desire by allocating time and choice of food.”

“I have a greater sense of self-acceptance, which leads to a greater sense of inner peace and ability to enjoy the here and now. I no longer have any guilt around food and now find that I really enjoy what I do eat. I am making more conscious choices – a real sense of choosing what I want to eat and how much – which feels empowering.”

“I read your book several years ago and was not ready to accept the messages it gave. I did try it half-heartedly and didn’t want to or was not ready to face up to my addiction. There was a reason for my addiction but I always knew it was me that had to do something about it. I instinctively picked up your book again recently and it has changed everything. Everything I read made sense this time – all my excuses were exposed for what they were and I feel empowered. This is the only area of my life where I did not feel in control and now I feel I have control. It is not easy and I do not expect it to be so but it is the first time in over 30 years I feel in control of something that I had little of – my self esteem. Thank you for being so honest and sharing this insight into addictive eating.”

“I thought I would write to you and tell you how your book has helped me. I read it and cancelled my weightwatchers subscription the same day. I had been following the points system until I realised I’d accidentally gone over my allowance. It was this sense of “oh I’ve blown it now” that made me think it was ok to eat 2 chocolate brioches! I realised when I woke up this morning that the diet was doing me more harm than good. If I had some points left I would be more likely to ‘spend’ them on treats rather than eating a piece of fruit for example. I am now feeling liberated at the thought of not being tied to a diet and optimistic about the future. I do have some weight I’d like to lose, but there are so many other things in my life that could do with more attention, and by taking my obsession away from dieting things have improved all round. So, thank you for writing the book and sharing your ideas.”

“I think your book is by far the single best and most pertinent thing I have come across in 30 odd years of struggling to maintain a healthy weight. What strikes me is that I bought it last November, and the penny has only just dropped about the outline, free choice etc. The addiction stuff is so mired in and wired in and disguised. It’s a curious thing and I’m very grateful to you for the book and the way you shine a spotlight onto the addiction eating issue.”

“I want to thank you for writing such an important book about learning to control food addiction. I am a 25 yr old woman and I have been fighting bulimia and binge eating for many years. I found the technique you offer really works for me because it has allowed me to see that I’m not really addicted to losing weight, but to food itself. Even though it is very challenging for me at times, facing the problem and seeing it for what it really is allows me the opportunity to work through it. So thank you for that!”

“For many years I have been struggling to get away from the weight loss and slimming approach and have a very voluble dislike of the slimming industry per se, in any form, not wishing to swell their already massive coffers! However, I still had a problem, which I had no real idea was the result of an addiction (I had a very simplistic idea of what an addiction was … eek). My problem is “simply” overeating, and your book has helped me to recognise what that is about. I can’t thank you enough.”

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