What Clients and Readers Say

“I am one of your December 2005 graduates. I came to the seminar as a successful ex-smoker thanks to your work and trusting that the same may be possible with overeating. The results have been fantastic, I am definitely able to use the many tools and intelligent eating procedures that you taught, have definitely lost a few pounds that have stayed off and taken me down a dress size, although I am not obsessing about this.
I have become a dedicated vegetable eater because I really understand what I am doing, not because I ought to, and have followed up by reading some of the key books you recommended. I am delighted with the results. I do sometimes forget that I am a food addict and will find myself eating the worst type of food at a completely unplanned time but this only serves to remind me why I am doing it. I am so grateful for your grasp of this issue and the uncluttered transmission of the message. It is so effective and empowering. Many thanks.”

“I seem to have finally grasped it! I am not bingeing at all, I have occasionally made the decision to satisfy the desire for a desert but it has not caused cravings to continue eating, as it has been part of a meal. I can put this success down to your approach, and feel that you are responsible for setting me free of my binge/regret habit. I know you will say that it was me that was responsible, which is true, as I had to take on board the steps, but without your support I would not have achieved this with relative ease.”

“I know it’s important not to go on about it but I feel like understanding your approach means carrying around a big secret. I want to tell people all the time, whenever I hear about a friend going to slimming classes or dieting I just want to scream NOOOOOOO!
There have been so many benefits for me from your book and seminar: understanding my addiction, recognising the difference between hunger and addictive desire, disconnecting issues of self esteem and appearance/weight, allowing myself to be healthy but not “thin”, enjoying food without guilt and shame, and many more!”

“I no longer feel that I have no control of the way I eat, I feel I have the choice to make positive changes to my health through the way I eat. That my addictive desire is not something that rules me, it is something I can work through. Overall the book and course have left me feeling that I do not have to be a victim in all this, something I have felt in my seventeen years of dieting, but that I am in control of my life. With some work and patience, this method really works and leaves you feeling a lot more positive about yourself.”

“I am liberated from a lifetime of feeling I ‘can’t, mustn’t or shouldn’t’ eat something, and instead make a REAL choice, my choice, about what I do and don’t eat. I am therefore empowered, and my relationship with food is calmer and easier than I have ever known, and also my relationship with myself.”

“I went to France this summer, and whilst I certainly indulged somewhat, I was controlled and measured and whilst not effortless it was not an ordeal, and I never once went into rebellion mode. I gained no weight, everyone commenting on slimness, I plug your book and seminar whenever possible. I have lost best part of a stone since we last spoke. ”

“May I just say what a great help your book, ‘Eating Less. Say Goodbye to Overeating’ has been to me. What really worked for me was buying the cd and keeping it in the car. The short trips – school runs, food shopping, meeting friends for lunch – were just long enough to play a section, and help me remember why I was doing it. Thank you so much for helping me find something that made so much sense and that wasn’t a diet!”

“The fact is though that you have helped me tremendously. I am now in a better position with food than I had ever been since my childhood (I just turned 40) and for the first time ever I think I can be in control of food, rather than the other way round. There is no doubt in my mind that there is no better approach to food addiction than yours, and that nothing else works.”

“After 30 years of overeating and trying most reducing diets and slimming clubs, yours is the first approach that works for me in a lasting way. At last, someone understands the difficulties that I have in controlling my eating. At last, someone understands the compulsive thoughts that lead me to overeating, and the misery of this behaviour.
You have given me the tools to work out how I can eat normally as other people do, instead of being addicted to food and structuring every day around obtaining food or avoiding it. I no longer feel afraid of food of that food controls me. I no longer feel scared of feeling hungry and in fact I now look forward to feeling hungry as I can use it as a barometer.”

“I have suffered from bulimia and anorexia for over ten years and I have had many types of therapy, books, everything and everything is always temporary. I always went back to overeating, which in turn went back to the bulimia because of the fear of weight gain – which happened anyway! I am so happy to have found your way, it sounds so simple but it is so true and I finally accept that it may be a long road but IS the right one. Thank you so much you have totally changed my life. From the bottom of my heart I take all the love I can summon from my body and give it out to you.”

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