About the Webinars

Eating less is not achieved by following instructions about what to eat; it’s a matter of thinking about eating in a new way. Eating less is a skill, a way of thinking you can learn.

It’s so much easier to do this – to make genuine, permanent changes – when you’ve had the conversations that break through what’s holding you back. That’s what this Webinar Series will deliver for you.

The value (over reading one of my books) is in understanding the concepts more completely and seeing how to apply the techniques to you and your life – right now, during the Series, and with specific strategies to start using right away.


The results you’ll get from the Webinars include:

  • feeling much more relaxed around food
  • control of your eating, which raises your self-esteem
  • break the cycle of comfort eating
  • lose the compulsion and obsession with food, creating a real sense of freedom
  • sustainable weight loss – because you’re happy with eating less.
And it’s possible because you’ll learn:

  • important insights into overeating through research on addiction and brain function
  • how to create a powerful ability to make choices you want to live with
  • how to let go of perfectionism or abstinence to control your eating
  • why ‘eating when hungry, stopping when full’ doesn’t always work
  • how to set and keep to your own limits to your meals.

“I’m so very thankful to you. I struggled for 40 years with a binge eating problem and your method has been the only thing that has helped me. It’s been amazing. It was truly life changing.”



The Webinar Series is unique and unlike any other ‘weight loss’ or ‘food management’ system:

  • the content is entirely focused on sustaining changes in the longer term; it’s not enough to lose weight, what matters is bringing a new attitude to eating less
  • you will get the time and space to say what you need to say, and get your questions answered to your satisfaction
  • I have been immersed in this material for three decades: teaching, interacting, researching and reading over a wide range of related topics, including neuroscience and nutrition – and while working through my own overeating patterns.


“A year on I’m still a lot more relaxed about food now. If I do choose to, say, have a biscuit, I can stop at one or two and not feel guilty.”  CS


The Webinar Series follows the content of Gillian’s books, Eating Less (Vermilion, 2005) and Ditching Diets (Full Stop, 2013).

It can be helpful for you to read one of my books before you attend the Webinars.


“I came away very inspired by Gillian’s leadership; she is so skilled at putting people at ease and fostering a truly non-judgmental environment.”  CMcD