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Keep it in mind

It can be so helpful to know that something you feel in your body isn’t necessarily caused by anything physical; it could be caused by your mind. Addiction is almost always explained entirely in terms of physical effects. It is true that the things we become addicted to, including sugar, all have the potential to become addictions because of the effect they have on our biochemistry, and especially that of our brains.
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Food Addiction?

The only argument I’ve seen against describing overeating as ‘addiction’ was that it cannot be precisely defined. Where does it begin and end: before dessert or after? One square of dark chocolate or 50? Or somewhere in between? But exactly the same problem applies to smoking, as there are those who only smoke one or two a year. There are few such smokers, but there’s still no absolute marker between not addicted and addicted.
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Withdrawal as Dysfunction

I had a conversation with someone recently who told me she had quit drinking tea a while ago. She'd been consuming four cups a day and said she was surprised at the severity of the withdrawal symptoms she experienced. Discovering an Internet forum for caffeine withdrawal, she found she was far from alone, and told me she was astounded at how addictive it was for so many people.
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