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Thoughts on Detox

It’s become popular over the past few years to think of detoxification as something along the lines of a 5-day juice- or water-fast. All experts I come across are in agreement that some process of detoxification is wise, but many actually caution against those more extreme protocols.
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Good Night

A catchier title would be LOSE WEIGHT WHILE YOU SLEEP, but you know that’s not my style. The point is that the sleep you get on a regular basis has a very real impact on your health and your weight, so it could be worth paying some attention, to the quality as well as the quantity.
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Q&A: Improved sleep

Having read your book I have been implementing some of your suggestions and finding myself in a much happier place in my relationship with food than I think I have ever been. There are some slightly wonkier days, but nothing overwhelming, and I am feeling very different in terms of health.
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