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Q&A: Who do you love?

The Question: Your point about not making a big deal about losing weight, and trying to avoid conversations about it, makes a lot of sense to me! I actually find it a bit offensive when people comment on my body and weight. As I see it, the praise for weight loss is really a critique of the heavier version of me. For a while my weight had been going up, but lately - finally - I have some balance with my eating and my clothes feel a bit looser. I am beginning to worry about when the comments will start.
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Q&A: Weight loss and self-esteem

The Question: There’s a lot in your book that I already have and will continue to find extremely useful. However, I think I see a chink in the amour for me. Although I like the idea of making self-esteem independent of my body image, I don’t think I could do that. I have suffered (and I do mean suffered) from low self-esteem all my life and those times when I felt I looked most attractive (i.e. when I had lost enough weight) were always the times I felt best about myself, more confident, relaxed and, especially, happy.
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