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If You Don’t Have Time

If you’re thinking you don’t have time to spend on this, to read and consider how you could make important changes, then you are exactly the kind of person who could benefit most from this blog. And this irony really is the heart of the whole problem.
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Food Addiction?

The only argument I’ve seen against describing overeating as ‘addiction’ was that it cannot be precisely defined. Where does it begin and end: before dessert or after? One square of dark chocolate or 50? Or somewhere in between? But exactly the same problem applies to smoking, as there are those who only smoke one or two a year. There are few such smokers, but there’s still no absolute marker between not addicted and addicted.
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Ancient Brain in a Modern World

One thing I hear often, and am always a little surprised by, is that my clients think they’re the only ones who struggle so much with food. Are you one of those who see your overeating as a personal shortcoming, a private torment, unique to you? Surely it's self-evident that the overwhelming majority of the so-called developed world is overeating, given the problem of weight in our culture and the massive (pun intended!) dieting industry.
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