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Q&A: Food on trial

The Question: From reading your book and blogs, it seems you promote a low carb diet. So sometimes I think, "Oh, I can't eat that; that's not Gillian's program." How do I let go of that and not treat this as another prohibitive program? And, do you promote a low carb diet?
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Q&A: Can I Keep My Rules?

I’m interested in reading your book, but when it comes to food I’m someone who very much needs rules. Do you think your technique is going to work for me? My Answer: Whether you follow rules given by others or create them yourself, this may well be the only way you’ve been able to control your eating in the past. That’s why rules are so important to so many people. If there is no other technique available, it makes good sense because it is at least something.
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Q&A: For mothers – and others

The Question: I’ve been reading and re-reading both of your books and have been putting so many changes into practice, and pleased to find they actually stay in place! I’m a single mother of an 8-year-old daughter, and I would be interested to hear from you how far you think I should take her on this journey with me. Do I let her eat all the sugar she wants, all the sugar she has been eating for most of her life, or should I start to impose restrictions?
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