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Q&A: Willpower – fact or fiction?

I had such an interesting discussion about willpower with a friend last week. She started out saying it’s well known and scientifically proven that willpower does not exist and later on argued that it’s equally well known and scientifically proven that willpower is limited, that it runs out very quickly, so you can only use it a few times and then it’s worn out. In your books (I’ve read them all, including the one called “Willpower”) you seem to take it for granted, so I’m curious about what you might have to say.
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Q&A: Vitamins and minerals

To my knowledge I don't think you have written your thoughts about taking vitamins. I would be really grateful if you could write on this subject; the reason I ask is because of the negative press there has been about vitamins causing cancer. I have tried to do some online searching myself, and I think the research that has been done on links between vitamins and cancer is scary.
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I Believe

I'm almost always reading books on nutrition and dieting, with one or two on the go at a time, lying around the house with pages dog-eared and scribbled on. Sometimes I tackle books that have a take on these subjects that's completely different to mine, so I can keep an open mind about things and maybe learn something new, but often these turn out to be the books that are the most challenging for me to read.
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