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GUEST POST: “Eating Less” and Children

by Rosie. While attending Gillian’s EATING LESS ONLINE webinars earlier this year, there was some discussion in our Facebook group about our children’s eating, and the messages we send out to them. The webinars had helped us become more aware of these issues in ourselves and, especially for those of us with young children, we inevitably started thinking about what we might be creating for them.
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Q&A: Am I Addicted?

The Question: I’ve read your book twice and I like a lot of it but stuck on the subject of addiction. I want to ask you if this is going to work for me if I’m not addicted? I can go a bit crazy with cakes and pastries sometimes, but then I really do forget all about them for weeks. Surely if someone is addicted, like smokers, they are physically hooked so there’s a need to do it every day?
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