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Changing your mind

It’s often said that if you eat less sugar for a while your taste buds will change, so that the sugary stuff you used to love becomes much too sweet. But it's not the taste buds themselves that change; what changes is your brain’s interpretation of the messages coming from the taste buds.
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Q&A: Vitamins and minerals

To my knowledge I don't think you have written your thoughts about taking vitamins. I would be really grateful if you could write on this subject; the reason I ask is because of the negative press there has been about vitamins causing cancer. I have tried to do some online searching myself, and I think the research that has been done on links between vitamins and cancer is scary.
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Why I Eat Meat

One thing you can be sure of with me is that I'll never suggest anything to you that I don't do myself. Part of what's kept this work fascinating for me over so many years is that I'm always trying things out: how to sleep better, reduce stress, have more energy, vitality and sharper thinking. Some things seem to work, others don't, but I don't stop trying stuff out.
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