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Meat or Vegan

This week a number of UK newspapers reported on a study of office workers that found vegans take twice as many sick days off work, due to colds, flu and minor ailments, and visit their doctor three times as much as their meat-eating co-workers. I tried vegan around 20 years ago and at the time I genuinely believed it was the way to go.
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Changing your mind

It’s often said that if you eat less sugar for a while your taste buds will change, so that the sugary stuff you used to love becomes much too sweet. But it's not the taste buds themselves that change; what changes is your brain’s interpretation of the messages coming from the taste buds.
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Q&A: Vitamins and minerals

To my knowledge I don't think you have written your thoughts about taking vitamins. I would be really grateful if you could write on this subject; the reason I ask is because of the negative press there has been about vitamins causing cancer. I have tried to do some online searching myself, and I think the research that has been done on links between vitamins and cancer is scary.
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