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Brain Tweaking

New ideas, no matter how brilliant, can take a long time to become familiar in a culture, so as to become generally accepted as 'normal'. Neuroplasticity, for example, has been around for millennia, but our awareness of it has happened, relatively speaking, in the blink of an eye.
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The Elephant of Addiction

Do you know the fable about four blind men who discover an elephant? Each of them grabs hold of a different part, and proceeds to describe the animal from that perspective. The man with his arms around a leg declares that an elephant is like a tree trunk. The man who holds an ear disagrees because he's sure an elephant is a flat piece of leather, while a third holds the tail, saying an elephant is something like a length of rope.
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Sweet Treats – Part 1

In The Brain That Changes Itself Norman Doidge, MD gives many impressive accounts of brains that changed. One example is about "phantom limb pain", where severe, chronic pain seems to come from a limb that has in fact been amputated. Doidge explains that the pain never does come from the limb, even when it's there, but from the brain.
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