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Addiction In Sight

There was a programme on BBC Radio 4 a while ago called Constant Craving. It attempted to answer the controversial question of whether food addiction exists, and it reminded me of that fable about four blind men who discover an elephant. Each of them grabs hold of a different part, and gives his description of the animal.  
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Changing your mind

It’s often said that if you eat less sugar for a while your taste buds will change, so that the sugary stuff you used to love becomes much too sweet. But it's not the taste buds themselves that change; what changes is your brain’s interpretation of the messages coming from the taste buds.
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Brain Tweaking

New ideas, no matter how brilliant, can take a long time to become familiar in a culture, so as to become generally accepted as 'normal'. Neuroplasticity, for example, has been around for millennia, but our awareness of it has happened, relatively speaking, in the blink of an eye.
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