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Q&A: MCT and the brain

The Question: It’s just over two years I came to your wonderful seminar in London and I remember you do a lot of reading on health and nutrition. I wonder if you can recommend something about keeping your brain healthy, as my memory has become bad and I think getting worse. I am now regularly walking into rooms and forgetting why I went there! Maybe this isn’t so unusual but my concern is made greater by having had both parents suffer with dramatically declining mental abilities.
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Happy Gut Bugs

It's possible you don't think about it often, but I expect you know that whenever you eat, you feed not only yourself but also trillions of microbes that live in your guts. Of course it's natural to be somewhat disgusted by this strange arrangement, but these microbes are being seriously and extensively studied, and it looks like they're considerably more interesting than you may realise.
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Sweet Treats – Part 2

I divided this newsletter into two parts because it will make a huge difference to take the information here in Part 2 having first read Part 1. Anywhere else, you'll see advice to substitute as a straightforward swap, such as using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Quite apart from the fact that artificial sweeteners are a bad idea, these swaps will only work for some things, for some people, and only up to a point.
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