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Form Follows Function

From time to time I get reminded that I’m in the weight loss industry, and often it's a bit of a shock! Weight loss is not what fires up the passion in my heart, either on a professional or personal level, and I suspect I’m far from alone in choosing a career path only to discover it’s different from what had initially been imagined.
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Q&A: MCT and the brain

The Question: It’s just over two years I came to your wonderful seminar in London and I remember you do a lot of reading on health and nutrition. I wonder if you can recommend something about keeping your brain healthy, as my memory has become bad and I think getting worse. I am now regularly walking into rooms and forgetting why I went there! Maybe this isn’t so unusual but my concern is made greater by having had both parents suffer with dramatically declining mental abilities.
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Sweet Treats – Part 2

I divided this newsletter into two parts because it will make a huge difference to take the information here in Part 2 having first read Part 1. Anywhere else, you'll see advice to substitute as a straightforward swap, such as using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Quite apart from the fact that artificial sweeteners are a bad idea, these swaps will only work for some things, for some people, and only up to a point.
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