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Q&A: Gut instincts

The Question: I read an article and then a book about the power of our gut microbiome. There seems to be a growing interest in research telling us the condition of our gut health is more in charge of us than we think – in charge of our moods, weight, health and even what foods we crave and how much we eat. I’d be very interested to hear if you are aware of this research, and what you think of all this.
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Gut Bugs Rule!

Antibiotic use hits the headlines these days about as often as a badly behaved celebrity. Nobody is suggesting they should be discarded entirely, but the case against overuse is persisting. However, it tends to come down to the concern about creating ‘world-wide antibiotic resistance’. And I’m wondering if that really is the most helpful way of thinking about the problem.
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Happy Gut Bugs

It's possible you don't think about it often, but I expect you know that whenever you eat, you feed not only yourself but also trillions of microbes that live in your guts. Of course it's natural to be somewhat disgusted by this strange arrangement, but these microbes are being seriously and extensively studied, and it looks like they're considerably more interesting than you may realise.
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