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It is a Pleasure

Just like many others, I own way too many clothes that I don't actually wear. It's not because I buy so many, it's that I'm very reluctant to throw them away. I keep a dress I bought in the 1980s, and guess I’ve worn it twice. It's way too big for me now, as I've steadily lost weight over the past years, and the style of it wouldn't suit resizing.
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Q&A: Group power

The Question: Several years ago, I decided I had had enough of feeling unhappy with my weight, and joined a slimming group. This for me was a success in several respects: I enjoyed going to the weekly meetings, increased my exercise dramatically, followed the dietary rules pretty strictly, and lost a stone over a period of 16 weeks, to become the slimmest I ever had been in my adult life, which I enjoyed.
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The Men Who Made Us Thin

Through August the BBC followed up their series on the food industry, The Men Who Made Us Fat, with a series on weight loss, called The Men Who Made Us Thin. It turned out that they weren't all men and they haven't really made us thin - but nobody wanted that to get in the way of a good title!
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