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Sadness, Sugar and Serotonin

Have you come across the idea that carbohydrates such as sugar and grains cheer you up because they cause serotonin to be released in your brain? Eating those sugars seems to lift our mood, and that leads so many of us to overeat those foods, especially when we feel low. As serotonin is thought to create our sense of happiness, it’s often suggested that if you keep your serotonin levels boosted you won't feel as tempted to eat so much.
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The Reason I Think

I read the bestseller, “Love Is Letting Go Of Fear” when it first came out, way back in 1979. Its strength is in the clear and direct way it’s written, and one chapter title stayed with me: “I am never upset for the reason I think.” I’m not going to pretend that I’m always on board with this idea. When I’m upset I feel sure I know exactly why - but I find that simply being curious about it has always paid off.
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