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The Calorie Myth

I’ve always been suspicious of the “calories-in-calories-out” theory of weight loss, as I just wouldn’t accept that 400 calories of Sugar Puffs could have the same effect on my body as 400 calories of kale. So I was especially interested to see a book published recently titled "The Calorie Myth". Written by Jonathan Bailor, it’s the result of more than 10 years of investigation, and contains a very satisfying collection of references to research papers. Bailor proposes that the amount of fat we carry on our bodies doesn’t depend on the quantity of calories we eat as much as the quality of the food those calories came from.
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The Men Who Made Us Thin

Through August the BBC followed up their series on the food industry, The Men Who Made Us Fat, with a series on weight loss, called The Men Who Made Us Thin. It turned out that they weren't all men and they haven't really made us thin - but nobody wanted that to get in the way of a good title!
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Sweet Treats – Part 2

I divided this newsletter into two parts because it will make a huge difference to take the information here in Part 2 having first read Part 1. Anywhere else, you'll see advice to substitute as a straightforward swap, such as using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Quite apart from the fact that artificial sweeteners are a bad idea, these swaps will only work for some things, for some people, and only up to a point.
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