And here’s what they said about my webinars… Thank you for these webinar sessions and your book. I have to say it’s such a revelation to know that the addictive eating has a label and we can do something about it. The Webinar Series is worth every single penny. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

wells fargo personal loan line of credit It is the first time that I feel a sense of peace of mind that fills me with happiness and relief. I wish I had found Gillian and her extraordinary work much earlier. Want to say how helpful I am finding the Webinars. There has been real ‘Aha’ stuff for me despite having read your book more than once. I am sure it’s all in there – it just hadn’t really landed with me until the Webinars.

go site This is the FIRST time in 34 years of binging that things are clicking. Thank you.

see Thanks Gillian, this has been so helpful. It makes a big difference from just reading the book. Many, many thanks for a great Webinar Series. I have made some really positive changes as a result, and feel so much calmer and less panicked around food – a huge improvement to my life! 

guaranteed payday loans no credit check no brokers This has been fabulous, Gillian! Thank you!! Huge respect and gratitude; you are amazing!

student loans for bad credit south africa Thank you! What an incredible webinar! Many many thanks; it’s been so incredibly helpful! THANK YOU Gillian for your utterly brilliant insights.

It’s also helping me with other parts of my life, as I am indecisive about things generally – a perfectionist trait perhaps.

Thank you so much Gillian, this has been amazing; so pleased to be part of this. I am so optimistic now!

Thank you Gillian; it’s been excellent.


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