And here’s what they said about my seminar…


It was perfect; the most helpful voice in a murky world of diets, weight loss, addiction therapies, etc.

I’m so glad I did it; it’s really been so valuable to me and makes so much sense.

Gillian, I think you are amazing and I thank you so much for this experience. I feel lucky to be at this seminar. This will change my life.

Clear and concise explanations of complex ideas. Questions were handled thoughtfully and we all had space to talk.

Thank you very much for an informed and informative weekend; I feel excited.

My questions and comments were listened to and answered. I didn’t feel that I was being rushed. It exceeded my expectations.

It made things easy to understand – a lot of information and all shared in a clear way. I found the weekend so valuable and am so glad that I’ve come. I now know I have the tools to make the changes that I need to.

The seminar is well structured and I enjoyed it.

It has given me the push I needed to take my eating problems more seriously, and good advice on how to do this.

A wonderful and informative weekend.


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