And here’s what they said about my last seminar…

Gillian turns dieting on its head. I feel very empowered about dealing with food and eating. I finished the seminar with an amazing feeling of hope.

I liked the rigorous way the approach and techniques were backed up with research.

I feel this is the most helpful method I have come across that really seems to understand what goes on in my head regarding food and overeating.

I did not lose concentration or interest for a minute. My boredom threshold is very low, so this is quite a miracle. I enjoyed every minute.

It was thought-provoking and stimulating. Recognising others experiences in yourself. Friendly group, lots of participation. Pace was good, a lot packed in and kept to the point with each topic but felt able to ask questions as they arose without being pushed for time.

Gillian is very patient and takes time to listen and understand the participant. From that she can clearly identify and address the issues around food. The approach is very individual therefore very helpful.

I feel so much clearer about the techniques having attended the seminar after reading the book. Fascinated by all the research about brain, nutrition, social/political context, and the links to mindfulness. I really like how it all fits together now.

I think the seminar content was far more helpful and thorough than I was hoping for.

The pace was good; flexible to a certain extent, but Gillian kept us to the point and moved us on, so all material was covered with no drift. There was plenty of space for reflection and questions.

I appreciated Gillian’s care to make sure she’d understood and answered people’s questions.

I thought Gillian led it really well and managed the group dynamic well; she kept focus and on track.

Gillian has amazing people skills. I liked the way she kept bringing the group back to the relevant point.

Just to be here and take part has reinforced the book and made it so much clearer and my understanding is so much better. Loved the research info; that seemed to really help me understand. Thank you so much.

Well led. The group was very lively, so it was helpful that Gillian kept us on track. Good atmosphere.

The purpose of my attendance was to understand better what the book was trying to say – and I do now.

I would just like to say how helpful and enjoyable I found the seminar last weekend. So far so good!! You make more sense to me than anything else I have either read or come across in health education. I will continue to recommend your books and website. Thank you once again.

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