And here’s what they said about my last seminar…


Inspirational course. Thank you very, very much!

Gillian is so wonderfully non-judgmental; this really let us be ourselves.

Enough time for questions; they were answered in a considered way, and fully.

The course was led well, in a professional but very friendly and caring manner. We all had chance to ask questions and comment when we needed to.

Pace was ideal. I did not feel rushed but nothing dragged. Felt confident that if there was going to be occasions of going off on a tangent, focus would be brought back smoothly, kindly and with empathy.

I did not in any way feel bad about my eating habits for the first time in my life. I now feel this is a part of me that I can change for the better.

Venue was lovely and enhanced my experience.

I bought the book several years ago; the seminar has made it real for me and I feel very optimistic.

I have thoroughly enjoyed attending the course; it has opened my eyes and inspired me in so many ways! The ideas described made intrinsic sense to me and I experienced many ‘light bulb’ moments. Sharing common experiences and the natural healing, which comes about by the joining and sharing of collective minds, was invaluable too.

The venue was beautiful and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Just about right on all counts. Good that it kept on an even keel; Gillian’s style is gentle and encouraging. Good mix of presentation and exercises.

Thanks for a wonderful weekend. Have learned so much and a lot of the information I had previously read made more sense.

Gillian kindly took the time to respond to all questions in a full and comprehensive way.

Great mix of science and experience.

Very enjoyable; great to meet others who have the same issues, as it’s not something I discuss openly. Made a lot more sense in the seminar as reading the books is only part of it.

It was well paced and there was a dynamic feel to proceedings. I was already familiar with and convinced by the method but I found the format of the seminar even more engaging than reading the books and blogs. Individual questions were well managed and used effectively to clarify key points. We were kept on track effectively too!

Wonderful venue.

The content, pace and time seemed right for the weekend; being residential has kept me focused; great to bond with like-minded people; lovely place to stay.

As this is my second seminar I feel that I have taken on board more of the theory.

Being residential has made a massive difference.

Thank you again. I now have the tools to stop dieting and start eating normally.

Thank you for the brilliant seminar. It was truly eye opening and very inspiring. There were several light bulb moments, which I will be taking into my daily life. Thank you for the hard work you put in to making this weekend a fantastic and enlightening experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. I thought your ideas were truly inspiring and make so much sense to me throughout. For the first time in a very long time I am feeling hopeful and much more relaxed about food and eating in general.


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