And here’s what they said about my last seminar…


Really well put together. This is a completely different approach to ending overeating – very empowering.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was much more authentic, honest and personalised that I thought.

It acted as a wake-up call and gave me both motivation and a technique to follow.

Gillian is very good at answering questions in the group and in private.

Great weekend; it was enjoyable, helpful and educational. Really good.

Thanks for being so warm and human! You are inspiring but very approachable. Thank you.

I liked Gillian’s honesty and frankness about her own experience.

It deepened my insight into the problems I still have with my eating and I gained ideas for solutions, which I will experiment with.

I think Gillian handled some very different personalities and perspectives very well – with space for all of us.

It was a very good idea to come a second time.

Thanks for leading such a useful and stimulating workshop.

In the months before the seminar I had terrible binge episodes that lasted for days, I was frightened by my rapid weight gain and feeling utterly helpless and out of control. Since your wonderful seminar I have peace about food, Times and Plans give me immense satisfaction, I have better sleep, no headaches, joint stiffness and feel so much more positive about work, and life, etc. For me just taking that weekend out and going to your seminar in itself created a pause.  It was wonderful travelling up to that beautiful part of London, sitting in the calm atmosphere that is the Violet Hill Studios and listening to you talk – sanity returns…  I can’t thank you enough.

I have done your weekend before as you know, and will definitely do it again.



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