And here’s what they said about my last seminar…


Thank you for a very thought provoking weekend.

I want to say how much I gained from the seminar and how valuable I found it. Thank you again, Gillian. Your important work makes a genuine difference.  

Feel very positive and inspired in a realistic way.

Excellent sense of leadership; clear sense of managing boundaries across and between the group members. Good pace and sense of clarity about asking questions in the group context.

I feel elated that I may have finally found the solution to my hopeless addictive eating. I can’t say how grateful I am to have found Gillian and her work.

A sense of developing ideas from the books, but extending them. The opportunity to ask questions about one’s own individual circumstances was invaluable.

Thank you for the many insights! A sense of compassion combined with rigour and depth. A rewarding experience.

Well crafted and well designed.

I found the seminar really brought the book to life. I have a tendency to be impatient and read too quickly; the seminar helped to delve into the subject matter.

Gillian is very honest in the way questions were dealt with.

Good opportunity for us to have a say. Flexible enough to follow were the conversation was going without losing sight of the agenda and what needed to be covered.

Great seminar. Feel motivated, yet realistic about what I am likely to experience.

Thought it was very well balanced at all times.

Very well paced. Gillian’s timing and interaction was very well carried through. The first day was much more intensive but important.

All felt right to me, with plenty of time for group discussion, feedback and questions, which I found valuable.

A revelation for me was the neuroscience; looking at overeating from a scientific perspective and removing the emotional baggage had a profound effect for me.

Most definitely an excellent seminar; an invaluable way to explore and reinforce the concepts and strategies outlined in the books.

Found Gillian very good at boundary setting; meant that self-disclosure was honestly and not emotionally led; helped openness and perception.

I leave feeling positive and motivated, prepared to make a real change in my relationship with food.



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