And here’s what they said about my last seminar…


For the first time in my life I see a way out of my problems with eating and the weight gain it has led to; thank you so much.

I am coming away feeling really inspired and motivated to use the techniques, and have learnt more than I had from just the books.

Questions were handled really well, and with lots of knowledge. I loved Gillian’s passion for the health side of things.

Thank you so much; excellent and so helpful. I wish it was rolled out more to reach a much larger lot of people as so beneficial.

The course material fitted together very well and Gillian was very clear and encouraging.

I thought the course was led very well. Gillian kept us on track and not going off on tangents. Gillian was also very effective at challenging our responses, which really helped lead me to a greater understanding of what is going on for me.

Good to share and hear other intelligent women also have the same issues.

It was a good reinforcement to reading the book. I’m glad I came as I learned a few things I didn’t know. I enjoyed all the people here and felt it was a nice, safe place to talk about something, which is very intimate really.

I liked when we had the chance to discuss our real life situations; it led to much more understanding of problems encountered.

It’s been really helpful and a great follow up to the book. It’s really cemented the ideas, and it’s also really nice to meet similar people.

I thought the course was really well handled, making sure all questions were answered.

The seminar exceeded my expectations.

Many thanks. I found it very informative and brought the information I’d gleaned from the book to life.


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