And here’s what they said about my last seminar…

I think Gillian’s approach to dealing with overeating is revolutionary, life changing, and deeply needed in this day and age. I think it might be saving my life! Thank you.

I enjoyed Gillian’s clear and concise explanations of the concepts, and clarity around answering questions and doubts from the group.

I liked the way the connection was made between mental health/self-esteem and good eating. So often mental health is seen as a separate issue.

I enjoyed it very much. It was very helpful to go more into the depth of the concepts in the group.

The science and research conveyed was so valuable. The pace was good.

This seminar was well worth the time and money. I loved the depth of discussion and getting to know the other participants.

Excellent management of the conversations.

I think the seminar was led in an excellent way, friendly and laid back.

Now I have gained enough tools to finally have my life back. Thank you so much.

I am enormously grateful to have come across your book and your seminar. It has given me real excitement and hope for the future. I would like to come back again next year!

A good balance of content and experiential conversation.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this weekend. Gillian’s incisive clarity and knowledge of this subject gives me great confidence in the method. She helps people work through stumbling blocks regarding their addictive eating, helping us draw out any mistaken ways of approaching this out of the shadows, which is great. I’m most grateful.

The seminar clarified my muddled thinking around food and overeating. I now have a box of tools I can pull on to help me when the situation occurs.

Reading the book took me almost all the way there, but doing the seminar completely clarified and cemented my understanding of this process. I’m gong away with a sense of having everything I need to tackle this and am feeling so much more hopeful.

Thank you Gillian for the generosity with which you’ve shared all your wisdom – I’m really grateful.

I was very comfortable with the pace and the good feeling amongst the participants. The seminar really worked extremely well for me in every way.

It really has been such an important weekend for me – thanks so much again for everything you did to help us. I feel that I’ve made a huge breakthrough in my understanding and am now planning what I’m going to do with all the energy that usually I’d be using to obsess about my food problem!  


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