And here’s what they said about my last seminar…


What a revelation! After years of struggle, years of self-sabotage, nursing my battered self-esteem, coping with ill health – things are finally making sense. Gillian has helped me to understand that I can look after myself. I can feel finally as if my life is not dominated by a food addiction. I only wish I’d gone to her seminar years ago.

There was such a lot of information to take in over the weekend. I do feel empowered and relaxed… a win win situation!

The seminar has clarified many questions I had about this approach.

Gillian was excellent at leading and facilitating the discussion. The pace and structure of the course was spot-on. Lots of time for discussion and exploring the ideas.

The whole weekend was a pleasure. The venue was excellent… perfect.

A thoroughly good use of a holiday weekend. Can’t wait to crack on.

The pace was perfect with lots of well-timed breaks.

The course was well led, especially not going off on tangents and staying on topic. Questions handled honestly and in detail.

It was very comprehensive; all of it is valuable.

Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge so generously.

I have enjoyed the way the content has addressed both the practical applications and the research and reasoning behind them.


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