And here’s what they said about my last seminar…


I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and look forward to moving forward with excellent tools. Thank you.

Plenty of time to talk – pace great!

I feel excited to feel that, after decades of trying to leave the burden of overeating aside, this radically new way of understanding the science and link between mental and biophysical process of addiction offers a very realistic chance to really deal with this issue for good.

I loved the way Gillian responded to questions, reinforcing the ideas, keeping options open.

The seminar absolutely met my expectations. After I read the book, everything made sense, and now I feel empowered by all the knowledge I got.

I liked the structure very much; it’s a good idea to combine individual exercises with group sharing. The pace was good and I could say whatever I wanted to share.

The seminar was very well designed and thought trough.

Thank you so much. I am happy I came to the seminar; I got great insights.

Thanks so much, Gillian. It was such a great and helpful experience.



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