And here’s what they said about my last seminar…

A massive thank you for a great weekend. Loved your way of presenting things, always open to discussion, never judgmental. Helped me to unpick things and in seeing you do this with others, this also helped me. 

This is the only system that really speaks to me.

I love Gillian’s approach as it’s facing the crux of the issue. It’s no Band-Aid.

Just the right pace for me. Everyone’s questions and comments were acknowledged, listened to and answered.

Everything was great. Gillian listened and answered all the questions thoroughly.

I loved your books and now I’m impressed with you as a person and teacher. Thank you very much for the experience and the insights.

I really liked the structure of the seminar and your flip charts. And I admire the patience and seriousness with which you treated us and our questions.

I’d read your books and had some understanding of the principles. I came to the seminar because it is my experience that this form of learning helps to bring knowledge ‘to life’ – and it did.

I found the written exercises were very powerful by relating difficulty to my own experience.

I think the seminar was led very effectively. I really appreciate the wisdom Gillian has imparted.

Interactive style was excellent as other’s examples resonated and even when they didn’t it was interesting to see how different we all are.

Very useful to reinforce the ideas in the book.

I very much enjoyed the seminar and especially meeting you in person. I found your books very convincing already but listening to you in person did make things even clearer to me. And it did boost my motivation to implement the insights in my daily life. So thank you very much for your sincerity and patience.

I thought the weekend was really fabulous and gained so much from it on many levels. The feeling of confidence I have about not having to be perfect in regards of my eating has lifted an immense weight from my shoulders.


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