And here’s what they said about my last seminar…

I was really exhausted when I arrived on Saturday morning so did not have great expectations. However I have maintained my interest with all that was discussed and feel that the concepts were succinctly explained. Very enjoyable, calm, serene, sincere and serious. Lovely location.

I think it was appropriate on all levels. Attention to everyone’s questions helped.

Really well led, and you gave everyone the right amount of time need to ask and answer questions. The science was illuminating and very helpful. Thank you, Gillian, for all your hard work, generosity, insights and empathy.

It was vastly better than just reading the book. I thought Gillian handled the discussions and individual questions really well as it can get out of hand if not managed. The pace was fine for me.

I want to thank you again for your seminar over the weekend. I really enjoyed it and felt that I learnt a great deal. It more than met my expectations.

Having read two of your books and listened to the CD, I was familiar with the content, but the seminar certainly made it a fuller learning experience, and I was able to focus on my particular issues/struggles.

It’s been brilliant. Gillian is open, honest, respectful and non-judgmental in her delivery – thorough too.

Just wanted to say thanks again for such an informative and enlightening experience; it really brought the understanding of the book to a whole new level. And what a great bunch of people! I look forward to linking up with them again in the future as I feel that the dynamic created in that group was really something special.

Very comprehensive coverage of topics. Thank you for a great two days and for sharing your remarkable insights.

Thank you for a helpful and inspiring seminar. It really will be life-changing.

Course was led excellently. Good focus, questions handled sensitively and clearly while keeping the group on track. Very helpful links made between questions and the principles which were relevant. Pace was perfect; a lot of material covered and never felt rushed. Exactly the right time to talk.

Very much appreciated the weekend. The seminar was more interactive, and the concepts felt more ‘real’ than I had expected. The pace was right-on. Gillian moderated the conversation skillfully without indulging any one person in talking for too long.


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