And here’s what they said about my last seminar…


Everything I needed to know has been covered.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I am very happy with what has happened.

It was great to hear everyone else’s experiences; it helped my insight into my own experience. This was very interactive but not to the point that any one person was able to sidetrack the group.

Great seminar! Great group. Great work, Gillian. Feel very positive about this approach. Things very well explained; when I asked questions I felt respected and taken seriously no matter what was asked.

Brilliant leader, set tone for whole group. Felt all questions and comments were valued and nothing left unanswered. Everything explained clearly and thoroughly. Exceeded my expectations.

I’m so glad I came to the seminar. I learnt so much with the book, but it’s not the same. I got so much more out of it by having been here. Thank you.

Very expertly handled. Gillian is clearly very knowledgeable; she remains focused at all times. I was impressed by the way she personalised things even in the context of the group; she has the ability to understand from different perspectives.

I knew I needed to find a process of learning to eat and live with food that doesn’t involve dieting, extremes or quick fixes. The seminar showed and explored how to do that and that this is possible.

Gillian was clear, calm and good humoured – but kept us going to really understand what was meant.

Thank you for helping me to remember that there are alternatives to my ‘madness’ and that I don’t have to be a different personality to do this.

Simplicity is the key. So often we complicate matters. The seminar was spot on with content and participation.

Excellent weekend. The seminar was more robust than I expected. All felt well run and very well designed.

I have been a Band 6 NHS Substance Misuse worker, and have a degree in counseling, and this is the most sensible model of dealing with addictive desire that I have come across.

I really enjoyed both days and have come away with a deeper understanding and motivation for change.

Thank you for making it so comprehensive; and your calm, knowledgeable and concise style.


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