And here’s what they said about my last seminar…


Thank you for your fabulous weekend seminar. I feel like I have been offered an amazing gift or let into an incredible secret!

Your whole concept was really a revelation for me, after about 30 years of over-eating and feeling as if I was powerless to stop it. As I said in the seminar, you are the only one, at least that I have ever found, advocating this method, but I can now see that it is the only way.

This is the way forward for me. The insight through the two days has been amazing and very helpful. Probably one of if not the best seminar I have done.

Perfect, and ideal pace. Was sorry it had to finish.

I had no unanswered questions. Thanks.

I really enjoyed the weekend. It was interesting and has opened up my eyes to the simplicity and complexity of the reasons I overeat. I am so glad I found the book and came on the seminar.

Excellent presentation. Gillian went at a good pace. All questions were acknowledged and answered honestly. Gillian included everyone in the group and ensured everyone’s views were heard.

I really appreciated Gillian’s sense of humour and delivery of something that could have been a bit dry.

It really helped put the theories in the book into the context of my behaviours, thoughts and life. It made it more personal to my specific circumstances.

Having read and really engaged with the book I expected the seminar just to be a reinforcement – but I actually learned new things and approaches and can come at some of it from a different angle.

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and enjoyed learning more about the concepts in the book and how to apply them to my life. It was really enlightening and I have managed to apply lots of changes to my eating already. I know it won’t always be easy but I feel confident and so relieved that there is a way forward. Thank you very much.

I feel really excited about the future and that I can become the calm, cheerful and nicer person that I was hoping to become. I am already noticing it, especially at work this week – I was much less preoccupied and felt so much more positive.


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