Q&A: Failed fasting


The Question:

Really appreciate your newsletter article on fasting from a few months ago. It’s become so popular and I tried to do it a while ago and failed miserably. Does this really all come from the way I’m thinking about it? I felt dizzy some of the time, and very tired. Won’t do it again.
My Answer:

Your attitude does play a large part and that’s what I wrote about in my newsletter. However, if you are somewhat sensitive to carbohydrates, and/or eat carbohydrates as the main component of your food, as many people do, it can be a challenge to do any fasting. This is because your body isn’t so good at burning fat, which it needs to do on a fast to generate any energy at all. This is because it’s been used to burning only glucose, from the carbohydrates.

Fasting isn’t essential, but this is important information if you want to lose excess fat from your body. And it would certainly explain the dizzy spells and fatigue.



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