Private Consultations

Can I get one-to-one support? Attend a weekend seminar or online webinar if you possibly can, because it’s the best way forward for most people. If you are not able to do that, I can offer you private consultations.

Can we Skype? Yes, being able to see each other is by far the best way to work together. Telephone is good too, provided it’s a landline.

What is your fee? £50 (GBP) per hour, which covers all Skype calls everywhere, and landline calls to the UK.

What times of day can we speak? Office hours are best (UK/London time) and I’ll begin a call up to 7pm. Some weekends are possible too.

Gillian Riley

How many calls will I need? I’d love to have an answer for you, but it’s impossible for me to say because people are in very different places with this work. Some just read one of my books and do fine, while for others it’s a longer journey. As you know yourself far better than I do, it’s for you to decide how much support you need from me.

How many calls should I pay for? I recommend that you pay as you go, and take it as slowly or quickly as suits you.

How long will the calls be? My suggestion is for us to speak for one hour initially, and then for one half-hour once a week or once every two weeks, for as long as you want. Some people just do a one-off call every now and then, and that’s fine with me too.

What happens during these consultations? I don’t have a predetermined agenda for one-to-one work. I prefer to respond to you as an individual and to discuss what you want to achieve and what is standing in your way. It’s important for us both that you have read one of my books first.

How do I arrange a call? You’ll find payment options below. Make sure I’ve got your name, landline phone number or Skype name, and two or three suggestions of when I could call you. I’ll confirm the time of my call by email when I’ve received your payment.

Please contact me if you have any other questions.

Pay by cheque
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Pay by PayPal
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