How to Stop Smoking

Here are products and services for you to choose from to support you through the process of stopping smoking. You can use any or all of them.

Gillian Riley’s book How To Stop Smoking And Stay Stopped For Good is published by Vermilion (Random House UK), and available online and through any good book shop.

If you prefer an easy-read, pocket-book version, Quitting Smoking was published by Gill & Macmillan (Newleaf, 2001). It’s now out of print, but still available online.

You can order a copy of a one-hour Audio Recording in CD or Audio Cassette formats, of Gillian talking you through this technique.

Private Consultations

Gillian Riley offers telephone or Skype counseling at £50 per hour to support you with quitting.

It’s up to you how much time you take, but a suggestion is to speak before you make your next attempt to quit. A following call could be at the time you quit, and then maybe two or three more over the following days or weeks.

You don’t need to decide in advance as you can pay as you go. Your first call could be one hour, but after that you may only need one half hour for each call.

Please read one of the books first because you’ll get much more out of the calls. You’ll find payment options below.

Make sure I’ve got your name, landline phone number or Skype name, and two or three suggestions of when I could call you. I’ll confirm the time of my call by email when I’ve received your payment.

Pay by cheque
You can mail a cheque (UK banks only), send email for address. 

Pay by PayPal
You can pay by credit card using the PayPal button to the right.