Audio: Eating Less

Gillian has written and recorded a script especially prepared for those who have read at least one of her books on taking control of overeating. The recording assumes you’re already somewhat familiar with the contents of the books, so doesn’t stand alone.

The different products (below) are the same recording, so you’ll only want one of them, in whatever format you prefer. They are designed to help you to keep the concepts and techniques in mind – while you drive, do the housework or take a bath – if you want.

Listen to a 5 minute sample


EATING LESS – Say Goodbye to Overeating – written and read by Gillian Riley
Playing time about 1 hour
© Gillian Riley 2005-2017





£10 GBP • Download to a computer, then transfer to other device. Link is for one-time use only; email if any problems. Size: 67MB


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You can pay for the CD by cheque; see prices above, next to the PayPal button. Make sure you enclose your name, address and a cheque from a UK bank, made out to Gillian Riley. Send an email for the address.