Eating Less is a skill that can take time to develop, and there are various resources you can use at any time during that process. Each resource can help you get started, help you get back on track if you lose your way, and help you master the skill even better as you go on.

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EatingLess_DS Eating Less: Say Goodbye to Overeating  This is the full version of this approach, published by Random House UK (Vermilion, 2005).  Available in paperback and eBook. You can download a Free Sample Chapter.
Ditching Diets Ditching Diets  This is a shorter, easy-read version of Eating Less. It covers similar material but in different ways, and while it lacks some of the detail it makes the main messages more accessible. This book is a third edition of Beating Overeating, extensively revised and retitled in 2013. Available in paperback and Kindle, currently only from Amazon sites.
Willpower by Gillian Riley Willpower! This book explores the themes and research behind the techniques Gillian teaches. It’s a good source of additional information for anyone who wants to read further. Willpower! is published by Random House UK (Vermilion, 2003) and available in paperback and eBook.
How to Stop Smoking by Gillian Riley How to Stop Smoking and Stay Stopped for Good  This is Gillian’s main book on this subject, published by Random House UK (Vermilion, 1992).  Available in paperback and eBook.
Quitting Smoking by Gillian Riley Quitting Smoking  This is the short, easy-read version for smokers. For anyone who wants to read through the technique as briefly as possible.  Currently out of print, but still available online in paperback.

Foreign translations

Some of the above books are available in translation as follows. Please order from local book shops.

How To Stop Smoking And Stay Stopped For Good
German: DTV Munich, 1999
Japanese: Mariko Fujita, 2008

Eating Less: Take Control of Overeating
(1st edition) Dutch: Uitgeverij De Boekerij, 2004

Beating Overeating
Spanish: Guadalupe Chimalistac, 2004

Dutch: Deltas, 2003

Eating Less
Polish: Janusz Nawrocki Studio Astropsychologi, 2013