On Being Impulsive

Impulsiveness - action without thought - must surely be a part of our lives to some extent. It would be tough and even undesirable to ponder over our every action. Being impulsive may even be a delightful quality, for example, if you impulsively kiss your child or hug a friend. Being impulsive is part of living life to the full, unselfconsciously engaged with life and humanity. Who wouldn't want some of that?
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Q&A: Weight loss and self-esteem

The Question: There’s a lot in your book that I already have and will continue to find extremely useful. However, I think I see a chink in the amour for me. Although I like the idea of making self-esteem independent of my body image, I don’t think I could do that. I have suffered (and I do mean suffered) from low self-esteem all my life and those times when I felt I looked most attractive (i.e. when I had lost enough weight) were always the times I felt best about myself, more confident, relaxed and, especially, happy.
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Form Follows Function

From time to time I get reminded that I’m in the weight loss industry, and often it's a bit of a shock! Weight loss is not what fires up the passion in my heart, either on a professional or personal level, and I suspect I’m far from alone in choosing a career path only to discover it’s different from what had initially been imagined.
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