Thoughts on Detox


While some detoxification happens continuously, it can be beneficial, from time to time, to drastically reduce consumption of any toxins for a while, and fasting is just one way to do that. Lowering the toxic load of what’s consumed lessens the workload of the detoxing systems of our bodies. Then, it’s possible to get to a deeper cleaning.

However, fasting over a number of days is more extreme, and when we think only in these terms we limit the full range of what is possible. There are a great many ways to support detoxification, and it could be much better to incorporate detoxing as a way of life, gradually and consistently over years.

It could be much better for your health, better in terms of your relationship with food and your long-term ability to eat less. And in the long run better detoxification.

One reason is that detoxification only works as efficiently as the elimination pathways, especially of the liver and kidneys. This could be especially relevant if you are:

  • a bit older (because toxins tend to accumulate with age)
  • you’re more toxic (perhaps through long term exposure)
  • carrying quite a bit of excess weight (as fat cells contain toxins).

Immediate and dramatic release of stored toxins, as with rapid fat-loss, can easily overwhelm the liver and kidney pathways of elimination. So, it’s much better to work on improving their capabilities first. This can come down to simple, daily habits that aren’t difficult to develop:

    • Taking a daily multi-mineral supplement will improve, support and enhance your body’s ability to detoxify.
    • Eating less manufactured, processed food and more organic might also be something to consider, in order to introduce fewer toxins in the first place.
    • Drinking clean water is of course something we all know about, but important to mention here.
    • Any time you eat any food in the cabbage family, you support your liver.
    • Including fresh coriander (aka cilantro) in your meals increases bile production.
    • More fibre (both in the food itself and as a supplement) assists in eliminating toxins. Lack of fibre content is another reason why fasting isn’t necessarily more effective.
    • Good sleep, as the body (and the brain in particular) works on detoxification during the night.


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