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What is it that’s on offer here? What is “Eating Less” all about? What makes it any different from eating less on a diet, which always falls apart sooner or later?

Some years ago a business coach advised me to come up with an ‘Elevator Pitch’. This is a way to answer all of those questions to a stranger in the time it takes for the elevator you’re both in to go from one floor to the next.

Well, I think I’d need a power failure, with us hopelessly stuck between floors and the emergency services called in before I could get the job done. And the stranger would be screaming, “Get me out of here!!!”

My Elevator Pitch continues to evade me. It’s the opposite of dieting. It’s about developing a peaceful relationship with food that lasts long term, instead of eating less for a while, only to regain the lost weight later on. It’s about understanding and coping with the addictive nature of food in general, and modern processed food in particular. And, most of all, it’s about developing some reasonable degree of imperfection and flexibility, instead of aiming for unrealistic rigidity with absolute food rules.

Ding! (That’s the sound of the elevator doors opening.) Did I get there?

This is from Gina Ogden after she had lost about 55lbs:

A friend asked me what I was going to do (she meant about my ‘diet’) when I reached my goal weight. I replied, I won’t do anything. I can’t come off anything because I’m not ‘on’ anything. I love the way I live now. I cannot thank you enough for showing me how to live with my addiction. I can honestly say that doing the Eating Less course has been the single most life transforming experience I have ever had.”

I was going to tell you that this Introductory Webinar video (below) is my power-failure version, but that’s too self-depreciating. It’s really got quite a bit of unusual and thought-provoking information. If you’ve already done a Webinar Series with me, it will remind you about the techniques you already know and use. And if you’re a newcomer, I describe one of the key break-though concepts that turns everything around…



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