I’m Overeating Because



I’m thinking you’re probably reading this blog (and not one about exercise or genetics) because you already believe the overeating theory. But what about other beliefs, especially the beliefs you hold about why you overeat?

I wonder, for example, about a range of beliefs regarding the effect of food on health. I know the messages have been mixed and more than a little confusing and contradictory. But does this mean that what we eat has no impact at all on the state of our health? Surely beliefs such as these would have profound influences on food choices.

A few other beliefs to consider:

  • I don’t have enough willpower
  • I don’t have enough self-esteem
  • It’s so difficult to eat less I could never keep it up for long
  • I’m too busy to think about it
  • Making changes will upset my family and friends
  • I’m not clever enough
  • I’ve never been able to manage it before.

Do any of these seem familiar? If so, they could be precisely what’s standing in your way, either of making a start or of taking what you’ve already achieved on to a new level.

In light of all this, one comment at the end of a paper about treating Binge Eating Disorder made me laugh. The researchers concluded,

“Studies on BED treatment are burdened by several limitations… such as the placebo response.”

For them, finding that the mind plays such a significant role is considered a problem! (4)

Far from being a burden, here lies the solution. Yes, this solution requires some thought, but it’s completely free from dangerous side effects, and once addressed correctly, is real and therefore lasting.



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