Everything in moderation: 2


So, ‘everything in moderation’ really doesn’t seem to be as useful as we once supposed it to be. Even so, it’s not likely to disappear, because the alternative is to take a stand on particular types of food in order to reduce diversity and so create a more impactful degree of moderation. Whether coming from your doctor, nurse, dietitian, slimming club leader – or yourself, moving away from the idea of everything in moderation can create a sense of restriction and threaten feelings of deprivation.

And then, of course, this inevitably leads to rebellious overeating of those ‘forbidden’ items.

This is the catch-22 few know how to resolve, and this is why “everything in moderation” will no doubt prevail. Not because it’s helpful, but because it may well seem to be the lesser of two evils.

It wouldn’t be smart or fair of me not to say that there is a solution, and it’s what my work is all about. It’s all there in my books. Why not make a note all of your questions and book a one-to-one with me. And look out for my next Webinar Series: Eating Less Online.

It is absolutely possible to make significant changes in what and how much you are eating, to feel at peace with those changes, and to see them last long term. And I know that’s no moderate claim!


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