About Gillian

A former smoker and overeater, Gillian Riley has been teaching her successful techniques for stopping smoking and eating less since 1982. Her work has at its focus the thinking that drives addictive behaviour and the techniques needed to achieve control.

A highly articulate teacher, she brings to her workshops and personal counselling a practical approach to addiction, one which confronts the psychological barriers that make the difference between failure and success over the long term.

Gillian led her first seminars on stopping smoking in the United States, where she lived for almost 18 years. In 1984 she returned to her home town of London and has been living and working in the UK since then.

During conversations with her ex-smokers, she soon realised that for many of them, their greatest challenge was staying in control of their eating and weight. After working one-to-one with these clients for some time, Gillian developed techniques and then a seminar to offer to anyone who experiences loss of control over food.

Gillian’s first book, How To Stop Smoking And Stay Stopped For Good (Random House UK 1992, 1997, 2007) is widely used in smoking clinics within the National Health Service in the UK. Since 1996 Gillian has delivered a number of training seminars for professionals in the National Health Service on how to help smokers to quit.

Gillian introduced her Eating Less seminars in London in 1997. Random House UK published her book in 1999 and a second edition in 2005, titled Eating Less: Say Goodbye to Overeating. Gillian followed this in 2013 with an updated, easy-read version, titled Ditching Diets.

Gillian has been a guest on television and radio, including the BBC and BBC Radio 2. The BBC documentary “Fat Free” followed the progress five people wanting to lose weight, one of whom went through an Eating Less seminar with Gillian.

Gillian is a regular guest speaker at Ragdale Hall Health Hydro in Leicestershire, where she gives introductory talks on taking control of overeating.