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Everything in moderation: 2

In our last blog we looked at the standard advice to eat everything in moderation, and why it might be worth your while to question assumptions you make about what really is moderate. Consider, for example, that the average sugar intake in England, per person per year, was 5lb (4kg) in the 1800s and is now around 175lbs (85kg).
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And here’s what they said about my webinars…

Thank you for these webinar sessions and your book. I have to say it's such a revelation to know that the addictive eating has a label and we can do something about it. The Webinar Series is worth every single penny. THANK YOU SO MUCH. It is the first time that I feel a sense of peace of mind that fills me with happiness and relief. I wish I had found Gillian and her extraordinary work much earlier.
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