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The Weigh to Go?

Do you weigh yourself? Or maybe the question is, how often do you weigh yourself? And do you find it helpful? I find many people are so confused about this. They go through periods of time when they weigh daily; it seems to help, and then it doesn’t. So maybe they stop getting on the scales, but that doesn’t help either. And so it goes on.
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And here’s what they said about my last seminar…

Thank you for your fabulous weekend seminar. I feel like I have been offered an amazing gift or let in to an incredible secret! Your whole concept was really a revelation for me, after about 30 years of over-eating and feeling as if I was powerless to stop it. As I said in the seminar, you are the only one, at least that I have ever found, advocating this method, but I can now see that it is the only way.
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