Eating Less with Gillian Riley

  • Are you caught up in a cycle of binge and diet?
  • Do you find yourself thinking about food too much?
  • Are you concerned about your weight?

If what you’re looking for is peace of mind about food, improved health and weight loss, you’ve come to the right place.

I teach an alternative to dieting which means you will:

  • gain control of overeating in a way that fits your life, your own needs and preferences
  • feel more relaxed around food, and confident you’ll make the right choices for you
  • eat what you intend and no more.

Gillian Riley at TEDx

Control strengthens self-esteem and trust in oneself, and this method in particular lifts feelings of deprivation, compulsion and obsession with food – to bring an end to your struggle with food and weight.

This is accomplished by changing the way you think about food: learning how to set your own limits in a way that empowers you, enhances your life – and, most importantly, makes an impact that lasts.

This is the crucial point, because it’s very likely you’ve tried other things in the past, things that held great promise but didn’t work for you long term. It’s important to understand why that happened.

The difference about what I teach is in knowing how your brain functions with regard to food. In particular, how you can reduce the activity in your brain’s reward system that keeps you attached to food you don’t need.

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