Eating Less with Gillian Riley

  • Are you caught up in a cycle of binge and diet?
  • Do you find yourself thinking about food too much?
  • Is it tough to cut back on meal size or snacks?

There are countless ways to lose weight, and it’s possible you’ve tried some of them already. But for almost everyone, the weight doesn’t stay lost.

So… instead of aiming to lose weight, how about being able to eat less? And how about feeling truly at peace with that – even inspired and empowered – so you’ll be happy to continue?

Because, when you do that, you will end up with a body that’s slimmer and lighter, and it’s much more likely to stay that way.

Gillian Riley at TEDx


I teach an alternative to dieting which means you will:

  • gain control of overeating in a way that suits your own needs
  • feel more relaxed around food and confident you’ll make good choices
  • eat what you intend and no more.

Control strengthens self-esteem and trust in oneself, and this method in particular lifts feelings of deprivation, compulsion and obsession with food – to bring an end to your struggle with food and weight.

You could begin by reading one of my books or listening to my 1-hour audio. We can arrange one-to-one sessions, and I lead a Webinar Series, “EATING LESS ONLINE”.

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